World News Update 3-28-16

Brussels Attacks “Why Do They Hate Us So Much?” Matthew Karnitschnig — POLITICO, March 22, 2016 “Why Is Brussels Under Attack?” Adam Taylor — The Washington Post, March 22, 2016 “Brussels Terror Attacks Bring Guerrilla War to the Heart of Europe” Christopher Dickey — The Daily Beast, March 22, 2016 Russia’s Change of Strategy “Why […]

Education & Economic Opportunities for Women – Podcast, & Photos!

On March 25th, Jodi Fischer, the Executive Director of the Marshall Direct Fund, shared her experiences working to provide education and economic opportunities to women in Pakistan. Her talk focused on the work that the Marshall Direct Fund has been doing to advance the education of women in Pakistan in particular, addressing issues of gender […]

Speaker Stories – Welcome Dr. Veseth!

Mike is a retired professor of economics from the University of Puget Sound, in Tacoma, Washington where he spent most of his life. Mike’s experience in economics has taken him all over the world and even landed him where he is now: as the author of an award winning blog: The Wine Economist. After receiving […]

Speaker Stories – Welcome Jodi Fischer!

Jodi Fischer is a humanitarian, and the Executive Director of the Marshall Direct Fund, with a long history of having a philanthropic heart. Originally from Northern California, Jodi graduated from the University of California Santa Cruz, and then went on to receive an MA in International Development from the University of Denver. Jodi enjoys giving […]

You are what you drink, so make sure to drink the best from around the world!

Back by popular demand, the second annual AKWorld wine tasting event, “Globalization in Your Wine Glass,” event is happening this Saturday, March 26th at 5:00pm at the ConocoPhillips Atrium. Dr. Mike Veseth, wine connoisseur and editor of The Wine Economist, hosts this tantalizing event that is sure to please everyone from the wine enthusiast to […]

Educating & Creating Opportunities for Women

Women are commonplace within the American workforce. While these women work, their children are in local schools being educated to be future leaders. Within the country of Pakistan, the scene is very different. Within Pakistan, over 13 million girls are not in school and the country is ranked as one of the lowest countries in […]

Information Changes Opinion – Discussion on Turkey with Dr. Sinan Ciddi

Dr. Ciddi’s discussion on “Turkey’s Role in the Shaping of the New Middle East,” was an experience for everyone in the audience. From the onset, he changed our perspective on Turkey. Before the presentation, Dr. Ciddi posed a statement for discussion at each table with the guidance that each table would need to come to […]

Chinese Traditional Medicine – Tweets, Photos, & Podcast!

On March 11th, Lixin Huang spoke to over 50 Alaskans about traditional Chinese medicine and how it has become integrated into the U.S. Healthcare system. She touched on the history of traditional Chinese medicinal practices as well as how it came to be introduced in the U.S. The audience thoroughly appreciated her insight and were […]

Women in STEM – Tweets & Photos!

   On March 9th, AKWorld hosted a panel discussion as part of the WorldMatters series. The panel featured Janet Weiss, President of BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc., and Jenna Desmarais, Materials Management Advisor for the Point Thompson Project at ExxonMobil. The discussion was guided by moderator Katherine Barnes and focused on the experiences of the panelists […]