Back by popular demand, the second annual AKWorld wine tasting event, “Globalization in Your Wine Glass,” event is happening this Saturday, March 26th at 5:00pm at the ConocoPhillips Atrium. Dr. Mike Veseth, wine connoisseur and editor of The Wine Economist, hosts this tantalizing event that is sure to please everyone from the wine enthusiast to the connoisseur and everyone in-between.

Dr. Veseth will be informing the audience of globalization tasting, the future of wine, and the best and worst of MikeVesethwines within the world’s cellars. He will be discussing the market trends that play a role in the future of wine, how they change from year to year and whether, “Globalization, Two Buck Chuck, and the revenge of the terroirists will uncork a favorable future for wine in an engaging tour-de-force that will appeal to all lovers of wine, whether it be boxed, bagged, or bottled.” (Wine Wars, 2011)

Dr. Veseth’s in depth studies and economic view of the world’s wine trade will take you on a metaphorical wine walk from the terroir that grows the clustered grapes, into the cellar filled with a variety of barrels and corks, the movements that have shaped the global wine industry, and straight into the delectable wine in your hand.

Sure to unite local wine lovers in a relaxing atmosphere filled with a bouquet of aromatic wines from around the world, you won’t want to miss it. After all, you are what you drink, so make sure to drink the best from around the world and register now!

Globalization in Your Wine Glass,” is happening on Saturday, March 26th at the ConocoPhillips Atrium. Doors open at 5:00pm. Downtown street-side parking is available and is free on Saturdays. Admission includes: custom wine glass, wines, appetizers, program by Dr. Mike Veseth, and quality social time.

To register for this event or any other upcoming event please visit our website at or call us at (907)276-8038.

Post written by: Lexi Lowe, Social Media Intern
Edited by: Alyssa Bish, Operations & Marketing Director

LexiTLexi Trainer is a Communications major at the University of Alaska Anchorage. She loves photography, writing, and graphic design. When she’s not creating new pieces on her laptop she can be found hiking and rock climbing in the local mountains.