Seven Revolutions: Scanning the Horizon Out to the Year 2035 & Beyond - featuring Scott Aughenbaugh


Friday, October 2, 2015    
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


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SAughenbaugh_PhotoScott Aughenbaugh, Deputy Director of Strategic Futures, Center for Strategic International Studies
Scott Aughenbaugh specializes in global trends analysis and forecasting at CSIS, carrying out research on demographics, resource management, computing, data/information growth, social media, the effects of economic integration, and emerging security challenges. He has briefed the findings of this research to, and led discussions with, numerous colleges and universities, corporations, and government agencies.

Mr. Aughenbaugh previously led the CSIS Abshire-Inamori Leadership Academy’s Higher Education Initiative in conjunction with the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) and worked for the Center’s Office of External Relations. He holds a B.A. in history and politics and government from Ohio Wesleyan University and an M.A. in history, with a focus on the Cold War, Europe, and China from Kent State Unversity. He has also worked at the Lyman L. Lemnitzer Center for NATO and EU Studies at Kent State University and studied at Beijing University.

The seven revolutions are: population, resource management, technology, information and knowledge, economics, security, and governance.



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