Four thousand high school students, 40 World Affairs Councils, and 26 States are what make up the National Academic WorldQuest. Each of these students is challenged to learn about current events, foreign policies, and global issues that the world is facing in the 21st century.

With a focus on providing high school students an opportunity to learn more about their world and engage with the people who aim to make a difference on global fronts, the WorldQuest program is an excellent opportunity for students who want to work in any field. Each aspect of the program is designed to create capable team players and leaders out of each high school student that participates. Every student leaves the experience armed with a vault of knowledge regarding global issues, foreign policies, current events, and the beginning of a network with both current and future leaders.

This year’s competition includes topic rounds such as NATO, Asia Matters for America, International Trade and Finance, Privacy in the Digital Age, the Arctic, and many more.

The winning team of four students from the local Alaska Academic Student WorldQuest Competition go on to compete at the upcoming competition in Washington DC on April 23rd. The weekend in DC includes the National Competition and special programs geared to continue enhancing their education experience on a global scale.

The winning team at the national level is granted with scholarships for each student. The 2015_2_7 WorldQuest38program also includes scholarships for the second place team. In keeping on a worldwide effort, the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) awards both the first place team and runner ups with a study abroad scholarship to be divided between the students.

The 2016 Alaska Academic Student WorldQuest Competition is happening on February 6th, from 6pm-9pm and will be located at the Lucy Cuddy Hall on the UAA Campus. To learn more about Academic WorldQuest please visit our event page.

Community support is what make the local competition and sending the winning team to the national competition possible. To learn more about ways to support the students at WorldQuest, visit our WorldQuest donation page or call us at (907)276-8038 or email Meneka Thiru.

Post written by: Lexi Lowe, Social Media Intern
Edited by: Alyssa Bish, Operations & Marketing Director

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