The Year in Review
“The World Events That Mattered Most in 2015” James M. Lindsay — CFR Blog “The Water’s Edge,” December 15, 2015
“Africa in Review 2015: Economic Stagnation, Hegemonic Militarization and Neo-Colonial Dominance” Abayomi Azikiwe — Global Research, December 22, 2015
“Five Biggest Stories in Latin America in 2015” Alan Gomez — USA Today, December 22, 2015

American Values and an Anxious World
“Obama Is a Rationalist President in the Age of Anxiety” David Ignatius — The Washington Post, December 18, 2015
“Saudi Arabia’s New Anti-Terror Coalition Is Already Starting to Fall Apart” John Dyer — Vice News, December 16, 2015
“The Islamic State Is Financially Self-Sufficient” Matthew Levitt — The Washington Institute, December 19, 2015

Europe’s Refugee and Migrant Crisis
“Over a Million Migrants and Refugees Have Reached Europe This Year” Patrick Kingsley — The Guardian, December 22, 2015
“How Europe Could Turn the Migrant Crisis into a Win for Itself” Matteo Garavoglia — Brookings Institution, December 21, 2015
“German Minister Threatens EU Countries with Legal Action over Ignoring Quota” Aditya Kondalamahanty — International Business Times, December 20, 2015

Assad’s Staying Power
“Has Kerry Opened the Door for Syria’s Assad to Stay?” Aaron Mehta and Joe Gould — Defense News, December 17, 2015
“UN Resolution Leaves President Assad’s Future Unclear” Serina Sandhu and Lucy White — Independent, December 19, 2015
“Assad’s Allies Russia and Iran in Mideast Resurgence” Al-Arabiya, December 21, 2015

U.S.-Turkish Relations
“U.S., Turkey Maintain Ties in 2015 Despite Differences” Today’s Zaman, December 22, 2015
“U.S. Pulls F-15 Fighter Jets from Turkey” Aaron Mehta and Jeff Schogol — Air Force Times, December 16, 2015
“Turkey’s Unhealthy Democracy” Riada Asimović Akyol — Al-Monitor, December 17, 2015

Asia’s Maritime Disputes
“A Case of Rocks or Islands?” CSIS, December 17, 2015
“Japan Steps Up Military Presence in East China Sea” Justin McCurry — The Guardian, December 18, 2015
“The Forces Awakening Against an Antagonistic China” Richard Javad Heydarian — The National Interest, December 22, 2015
“Maritime Dispute Exposes Rifts in China’s Foreign Ministry” Bloomberg News, December 17, 2015
“Chile and the Southeast Pacific” Balaji Chandramohan — The Diplomat, December 20, 2015

Whither Latin America’s Populists?
“The Tides of Latin American Populism” Jorge G. Castaneda — Project Syndicate, December 22, 2015
“How to Fix Latin America’s ‘Strongman’ Problem” David Landau, Brian Sheppard, and Rosalind Dixon — The New York Times, December 17, 2015

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