Alaska World Affairs Council, Operations & Marketing Director
Involved with AKWorld since 2010

“I had quite the introduction to the Alaska World Affairs Council in September 2010. I had recently AlyssaGLACIERreturned from a summer abroad in Stirling, Scotland and was eager to find ways to stay connected to the world at home. AKWorld offered to provide that connection.

As a university student, I was able to attend programs at no cost to me, thanks to BP’s sponsorship of students. (Free lunch is much appreciated as a college student!) FBI agent and author, Robert Wittman spoke about his book, “Priceless,” and his undercover adventures recovering stolen art around the world. While my schedule was often too busy with my ‘exciting’ student life of classes, work, clubs, internships, etc. I did manage to return to AKWorld a number of times in the following two years.

Then a part-time job was available with AKWorld and, after applying and interviewing, I was selected to start in August 2012! Over three years, three position titles, three National Conferences, and many many programs and meetings later, I am now the Operations and Marketing Director, in charge of making sure AKWorld runs smoothly and efficiently while ensuring our quality programming reaches as many Alaskans as possible!

8F714192-2EDD-4A63-8285-A16A8745440FMy favorite aspect of AKWorld is the people. From my fellow staffers, our Board of Directors, members, and volunteers to the speakers, program attendees, students, sponsors, and partners who strengthen our programs, it is a pleasure to come to work everyday and be surrounded by so many fantastic people who share my curiosity for the world! Through AKWorld, I have met some of my best friends and learned a great deal, not only from the experts who have presented but also, from the Alaskan individuals who have shared their journeys with me.”

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Post by: Alyssa Bish, Operations & Marketing Director